The Most Searched For Biglaw Firms (2022)

The Most Searched For Biglaw Firms (2022)
Feb 2023

The Most Searched For Biglaw Firms (2022)
Biglaw firms are ranked in a multitude of ways, from gross revenue to size to quality of life and even prestige. But what about what may actually matter most, the number of people who are searching for these Biglaw firms on Google? Those searching could be associates and partners interested in salary information or looking to lateral, existing or potential clients, and even members of the media interested in tracking down a hot law firm story.

So, which Biglaw firms came out on top of this new ranking? For that, we turn to the Mad Clientist blog of BTI Consulting Group. Without further ado, here are the most searched Biglaw firms in the Am Law Top 30:

Morgan Lewis
Jones Day

It's no wonder that Sidley is leading the pack here. The firm was targeted by Republican Texas legislators over its abortion travel costs policy in the wake of Roe v. Wade being struck down as unconstitutional. Jones Day landing in at the top of the list isn't a shocker either, considering the fact that a book was released last year that provided a deep dive on how the "evil empire" handled many of Trump's legal affairs during his presidency.

And here are the most searched Biglaw firms in the rest of the Am Law 100:

Wilson Sonsini
Nelson Mullins
Morrison Foerster

Of course Cravath is No. 1 here! The legal world was waiting on pins and needles to see what its 2022 year-end bonus structure would look like. Would it match Baker McKenzie? Of course it would. And the rest of the Biglaw market quickly fell in line after Cravath gave the bonus scale its seal of approval.

Click here to see the most searched Biglaw firms in the Am Law 200.

Congratulations to all of the firms on their searchability success in 2022. Let's see which firms will come out on top in 2023.

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The Most Searched For Biglaw Firms (2022)
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