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    Among Us teases a current synergy  with Halo

    Among Us teases a new collaboration with Halo

    A big treat for the Among Us and Halo fans is coming up!
    Among Us has recently started teasing an in-game collaboration with Halo. In this crossover tweet, Among Us tags Halo with a warning of watching out for the impostor. This warning puts a dire emphasis on ‘very soon’. They also use two sneaky eyes emoji, implying that they are teasing something.

    watch out @Halo

    the Impostor is coming for u… very soon.
    The tweet itself is a signal for a big upcoming collaboration. This collaboration will voice the excitement for Paramount+’s new Halo series. Plus, it will surely promote the game on that platform. To add to the tweet, official accounts of Halo, Xbox Game Pass and the other official Xbox accounts have replied to the tweet, confirming the crossover.
    In the tweet image, a Master Chief Skin appears with an accompanying Monitor pet, suggesting that the collaboration might be limited to cosmetic products only. But these rumours remain unconfirmed.
    What this collaboration means for them
    Master Chief has gained its reputation as one of the most recognised icons in the gaming industry. Its presence and the streaming series Halo could bring in a huge audience for Among Us and the gaming industry in general. However, 343 Industries is yet to comment on the tweet. Nevertheless, the tweet has excited all the gamers worldwide.

    Among Us teases a new collaboration with Halo
    Among Us x Halo collaboration


    Among Us x Halo collaboration
    This collaboration is a good way to expand the players arena as Among Us is also available on Xbox Game Pass. The extent of the collaboration is not clear yet. It could be limited to the pictured cosmetics or it could have more to it – one can only guess at this point. Other things like the accessibility and obtainment of products are also unclear. However, it is hoped to be revealed soon.
    However long or short the extent of this collaboration may be, the collision of these two separate worlds – Among Us and Halo – sure has everyone on their toes. The fans have been restlessly waiting for more details and are really looking forward to the collaboration!

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